Trumpet Call

Trumpet Call Sculpture


Trumpet Call speaks to Prelude’s second area of emphasis which is to come together as family. Since ancient times trumpets were used to call people groups into community for a specific purpose. In fact, the earliest recording of a trumpet call is found in Chinese history dating back to 2000 B.C. The Bible has more than 116 references to the trumpet in its accounts of historical events, more than any other mentioned instrument. These references call the people together to go to battle, hear a word of encouragement or instruction, to celebrate, or to mourn.


It is from this context of trumpets being used as a signaling device that the sculpture Trumpet Call was cast in 2019 by renowned Minneapolis metalworks sculptor Peter Vanni. Like the Biblical accounts, the panels in Trumpet Call illustrate a wide range of emotions and events we encounter as we care for our loved ones in their latter years.

Dan Mather Photo of Peter Vanni and Horn
Trumpet call cut plates (1)


Prelude families tell us that they are most encouraged as they often face together;
The Journey – simply walking together sometimes not knowing the next step.
The Battle – of all types including fear, loneliness, spiritual battle for healing, negative thoughts.
Mourning – not just end of life, but losses of unfulfilled expectations and abilities.
Listening – discerning next steps, reflecting on music and simply hearing one another’s hearts.
Rejoicing – finding joy in unexpectant ways, new friends and gifts we didn’t know we had.
Laboring – understanding this season has work to it we can share and even take pride in.
Final Call – as Christians the certainty that at the final trumpet call, (I Corinthians 15:51-52), we will come together again as family in eternity with Christ, the Battle won and in joyful fellowship.




One important truth about Trumpet Call is that it does not depict a consistent linear path. That is, while there is the river of life, (blue stained glass), running through it and ending at the Final Call top panel, the other side panels are interchangeable. Each family’s journey is unique, and most will experience things in a different sequence and varying occurrences and durations than other families. And thus, the Trumpet Call must regularly sound for one another.



If you are on this journey or are alongside someone who is, consider supporting the work of Prelude Ministries with a donation of $50.00 or more. Upon receipt of your support, we will send you a box of seven Encouragement or Thank You Cards (based on your choosing). The Encouragement Cards were designed to illustrate each of the Trumpet Call panels. These are useful in encouraging one another that we are in community together in this important work. Thank God amidst this rich but difficult time we have others to come together with.